What we do?

 The Sanamiworks Co., Ltd. is good at high cutting part production of the relative difficulty such as height of gold processing or the stainless steel part processing of the Satellite by the plasma welding.
 The production of the seatring where low cost was realized by having automated it by an inventive idea is our strength.

Good Faith

On the basis of QC, keep a promise.


Act as the present conditions in a review, an inventive idea.


We raise a peculiar technique, and plan high efficiency.

We give work efficiency
in the viewpoint of the person.

It is devised so that music drifts to the yard when it is at time fixed for the purpose of working while being conscious of a relaxation effect and time by the music in the Sanami mill, and giving efficiency.
In addition, the layout of the factory which took the per person work space widely to be able to concentrate on work was born from an inventive idea to want to value the person who worked.

Corporate Vision

Making a superior quality product!